• Ray

    GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps

    Last year, I discovered that moths had infested my clothes closet ruining two suits and damaging two wool sport coats.  A friend recommended GreenWay clothes moth traps.  I ordered them from Amazon, found that they quickly trapped moths on their sticky surface, and that I have had no further damage to my clothes or evidence of additional moth infestation.  I'm very impressed with their effectiveness and recommend their use to stop both current moth infestations and to prevent future ones.

  • Carol R.

    GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps

    It is very rare in this world of abundant commercialism that you get both an exceptional product and exceptional customer support.  GreenWay provided both to me. I purchased clothes moth traps from several different manufacturers in an attempt to triangulate the source.  GreenWay’s traps were far and away the best: they showed activity where the other traps were non-detect.  GreenWay’s traps also capture both males and females and this makes a big difference too.  We knew within hours of setting the traps in various places in our home where the source was. I called GreenWay and they let me talk to their resident entomologist – more than once.  He was more than helpful and gave me great tips on how to use the traps, and also educated me about this pest in a way that turned out to be most helpful.  He was clearly an expert and very generous with his time. The sales department was as helpful as they could be – really gracious, eager to serve, and a pleasure to work with. I will never again be without these traps in my closets because they let you know if you have a problem at the beginning of the problem.  I am recommending to all my friends and family that they make this investment as well. GreenWay provides outstanding customer service in every way.

  • Ron Pen

    Food Moth Traps

    For three years I have been using the GreenWay Food Moth Traps in my garage to protect expensive bird seed from being spoiled by moths. The traps work wonderfully—the lure powerfully attracts the moths that adhere to the sticky surface. The traps work simply and flawlessly—even the protective paper slips off easily in setting the traps up. The real surprise, however, was the gracious and caring nature of the company itself. When I purchased the product for the first time on the internet rather than the local retail store, I received a hand-written personal note of gratitude from the sales manager that was actually sent by the US Post Office. This personal attention in 2016, in a time of corporate indifference and profit margin, was an astounding detail—a moment of business humanity. I am grateful to GreenWay for their effective product, but even more so for their gracious company personality.

  • Jessica E

    Clothes Moth Traps

    These traps worked much better for me than the Safer brand. I had 6 of the Safer brand traps set up in various rooms in my house, and after several days saw only one or two trapped moths. After I set up the GreenWay traps, I could see that they were working much better. Evidently the Safer traps are designed to catch only male moths but the GreenWay traps catch both. I assume this explains their success in my case, as most of the caught moths in my traps were caught in the floor-level.

  • Brian Player

    Clothes Moth Traps

    I have used another of moth brand traps from the hardware store and caught nothing,  so there were no moths in the house? OK??   Then we found the damage to two wool sweaters.  Something was wrong so I purchased the Greenway moth traps. I placed a Greenway trap beside the hardware store trap on the closet floor.  Now the hardware store trap has 2 moths and the Greenway trap has ~ 20 and the other started two days earlier!! Problem found, now to clean out the closet and treat the woolens. I am ordering 5 more traps from Greenway.

  • K Hague

    Clothes Moth Traps

    We unfortunately found ourselves battling an infestation of clothes moths. This was our first time having to deal with this problem and we were upset at the damage the moths caused. We treated the problem closet with a professional fogger, which seemed to eliminate the moths but now a couple of months later with the arrival of spring a number moths have begun to reappear, a few a day, newly hatched from the old problem. We didn’t want to repeat the heavy duty treatment but did need to eliminate any newly appearing moths to stop them from laying again. We also needed to monitor other areas to make sure they had not spread. I bought several brands of moth traps and repellants locally to help but none worked to trap them. We continued to see a few each day. I purchased several brands on Amazon and yours was the only one that managed to trap the moths. The first evening your traps were covered and the other brands remained empty. Each day the number caught declined and now we are seeing only a couple a week and the traps attract them. I have seen none the past couple of days. I will continue to use them to monitor all our closets. I do not know why your product has been successful where others failed completely but I am grateful to have discovered yours and will be recommending it to others.

  • Mary Lynn McRee Caravan Connection, Inc.

    Clothes Moth Traps

    We own an oriental rug store and controlling clothes moths, who don’t differentiate between clothes and rugs, (wool is wool) is a constant problem. Over the years, we have used many products to try and contain them including other pheromone products. It wasn’t until we discovered the GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps that we finally found a product that was absolutely effective, plus environmentally safe! No dangerous sprays or odors! We are thrilled! We even gift the product to customers who bring in rugs for cleaning which are moth damaged so they can eliminate the problem in their homes. We absolutely endorse this product 100%!

  • John Brennan Wild Birds Unlimited

    Food Moth Traps

    We have owned our Backyard Bird Feeding and Nature store since February 2006. Bird seed attracts moths during warm months. We use GreenWay Food Moth Traps to control the moths. They capture male and female moths. In our opinion they are the best on the market.

  • Mohammad Nooraee Noor Oriental Rugs, Inc.

    GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps

    I have been promoting green cleaning by hand since my business opened in July 1979. By the same token, Noor has been adopting green methods to address one of the most pressing issues for rugs-- moth infestation and damage. The GreenWay Clothes Moth Traps have worked to our satisfaction for our high-end customers who own hand-made rugs worth thousands of dollars and needing a moth-free environment.

  • Paul Fagala Wild Birds Unlimited, Houston, TX

    Food Moth Trap

    When our order came in, I opened the box and had to go help a customer. In the ten minutes I was with the customer, a moth came to the unopened boxes. We put two of the traps out and within minutes moths were swarming because of the pheromone. We have trapped several and significantly reduced the number of moths in the store.

  • Ron

    Greenway Clothes Moth Traps

    This product is awesome! After living with a clothes moth problem for a number of years and trying everything that I could find on the market to rectify the situation, I was becoming quite despondent about ever getting rid of these very destructive pests. I finally found the GreenWay product and was amazed at how effective it was! The GreenWay trap targets the female thereby drastically reducing or eliminating offspring. We no longer see moths flying around and rarely find damaged clothing - it is possible that any damage that we do find had been done prior to installing the GreenWay traps. In any case, if you have a problem, I would highly recommend this product - it has worked wonders for us. By the way, the people over at GreenWay are also awesome - if you need help, this is the place to go to!